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Hurricane Clean up your lawn Today! Trim those Trees!

Hurricane Clean up your lawn Today Trim those Trees

Hurricanes can do tremendous damage to your property. Months spent caring for your lawn can go to waste in a matter of hours. This weather event is one of the most devastating and dangerous that can occur. The possible damages are:

  • Trees and plant damage
  • Power lines issues
  • Drainage problems
  • Destroyed houses

Hurricanes vary in their degree of violence. But even a small one can cause damage that could be very difficult and costly to deal with later on. It is thus essential to deal with such destruction as fast as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to cleaning your furniture and household items after a hurricane. Although your home is a priority, you also need to think about your lawn. Contact a professional lawn care company. Whether it is fallen debris or broken branches stuck in trees, they will know how to help.

Lawn Cleaning After Hurricane Damage

Consider lawn hurricane cleaning as seasonal maintenance. Often the falling branches are already dead. For example, they may have been sometimes weakened by disease. In this case, it is better if they have fallen down. All that’s left to do is to clean them. Sometimes this is a good thing because it prevents future damage.

Helpful Precautions and Tips

Lawn hurricane cleaning is something you should give to specialized companies. But there are some things you can do to ease or speed up the process. There are little, yet very helpful.

  1. Check the drainage systems. This includes curbs, gutters, and storm drain. Look for leaves, mud or other debris.
  2. Note down all fallen trees and branches so that you can report these items to your arborist or insurer.
  3. Note down the affected trees. You may have to rethink their location in the future. You may also need to improve your wind protection.

Hire Lawn Hurricane Cleaning Professionals

Let a professional team perform lawn hurricane cleaning for you. You’ll feel a sense of incredible relief. You’ll be able to focus on:

  • The safety and health of your family
  • Repairs to your home
  • Your return to work

There is no need to spend hours cleaning your property when the experts can do it on your behalf. All American Lawn Care will remove any debris left on your property after the storm. This includes:

  • Broken tree branches
  • Leaves
  • Garbage bags
  • And much more

Lawn hurricane cleaning is one thing. But those experts can also take advantage of this opportunity. They can provide other services such as weed removal. They will restore your garden to its former beauty, or even better. See the positive opportunities in a negative situation!

Take the worry out of storm damage clean up with fast, reliable service

All American Lawn Care is there for you when you need it, so don’t take a risk by calling the cheapest team on the market. Hurricane season is a time of great fraud. Opt for a high-quality service to ensure your security. To contact All American Lawn Care, call 954-642-6680.

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