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Land Clearing Broward County

Land Clearing Broward County

Today, land clearing is not only the removal of trees to make way for agriculture or urbanization. Strict regulations have been now put in place. This activity can be since defined as the responsible method of removing obstacles. These include trees, stumps, bushes and even stones in a certain area. This task also involves the efficient management of waste materials. Those include branches or wood cores.Land clearing requires the use of specialized equipment, sometimes even heavy machinery. For this reason, landowners should use a professional company to do this work. All American Lawn Care has the necessary knowledge and skills. Based in Florida, it is aware of the regulations applied to this particular state.

Before You Seek Land Clearing in Broward

1) Have your property inspected

This will allow you to know the types of trees that grow on your property. Some trees are more valuable than others. The most valuable ones can put for sale. This allows you to get the most out of your property. It may have huge potential. 

2) Consult the authorities about your property.

Some properties need special paperwork and other approvals. Not all owners can do what they would like. Before you do anything, check with the authorities. Once you have the permit, you can call the land clearing company. If you skip this step, All American will let you know. This cleaning company knows all the rules. You will be well supervised

Cost of Land Clearing in Broward

The cost depends on several factors:

  • What you want to clear
  • The type of land you own
  • Accessibility of the land
  • Local regulations

It also depends on the type of service chosen. Selective clearing removes all debris and bushes but leaves the trees standing. This method ensures fire safety and to clear passage or a view. If the clearing is for agricultural purposes, everything will be then removed. The same applies to residential or commercial building construction. Only clear soil will remain.

Increased Regulations to Protect the Environment

Whatever activity you are going to undertake on your property, the methods have to be well chosen. Over time, laws on land clearing have been now passed. They are all enforced by the majority of governments around the world. Why? Because of the many side effects, all harmful to the planet. These include: 

  • The condition of the land
  • Soil erosion
  • The salinity of drylands
  • Biodiversity
  • Deforestation
  • Climate change.

Different methods are now implemented. Each one varies according to the type of the land, and the quantity to clear:

  1. Manual Clearing
  2. Mechanical Clearing
  3. Chemical Clearing

All American and Best in Florida

All American Lawn Care can remove your unwanted brush and vegetation with minimal soil disturbance. Their service is very friendly to the environment. The machine they use cuts and grinds the brush so that you do not have brush piles to deal with later. This is ideal for lot clearing as All American can make the property more attractive for resale or ready to build on. Sounds interesting, right? More information at 954-642-6680.