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South Florida Lawn Care - Landscaping Services

All American Lawn Care LLC gives numerous garden maintenance services to support your needs. This is because our company wanted to lessen your tasks due to our lawn care and landscaping services. All you need to do is call for our services and we will do the rest for you. Here are the All American Lawn Care and Landscaping Services we provide:

Clean Up Services

For clients who need tidy up services in their yards, All American Lawn Care can help you with that. You may choose from the following services to confirm if your needs are within our service coverage:

Yard Clean-Up

You may avail of our yard clean-up services in case you want to clear your garden back to its tidy state. Whether you had a party or your children made fun of your yard, our workers can do the cleaning job for you.

Leaf Removal

Especially during autumn, our trees create so much leaf litters that it is too hard to manage it ourselves. In case you want some help to clear up your lawn, our company can help you with that.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing is necessary for building on lots, expansions and additions. Our Land clearing team will come treat your property properly with quality tools and expertise.

Maintenance Services

On the other hand, our company can help make your garden healthier. Our workers can perform professional yard maintenance processes so that you can use it better. Here are the maintenance services we give:

Lawn Mowing

It is proof that you have healthy soil if your yard grows grass on it. However, this may cause a problem for you since it can grow too tall for you. When this happens, we can help you with that.


Some households or businesses prefer larger gardens because of its benefits. But, it can be difficult to keep this garden in good condition. If you need some help with gardening, our workers can provide support for your lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

There are some locations that soil struggles to grow a garden. But this is not a hard task for us since our workers are experts for lawn fertilization to liven up your land. 

Lawn Aeration

In some places, the soil is too compact that it has too little air to have a flourishing garden. If you have this situation, then our gardeners can help you with it.

Weed Control

It is irritating to know that weeds destroy our well-maintained gardens, and we do not know what to do with it. If you have us, then rest assured, we can manage your weeds so that they cannot damage your garden.

Lawn Seeding

For starters, we can give lawn seeding to start vegetation in your place.

General Landscaping Services

Lastly, we can give help to your landscaping needs. We provide basic landscaping services so that you can have a greater garden.