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Fort Lauderdale Lawn Service

How To Keep Your Lawn Green And Healthy

Since we have worked with thousands of lawns since we started our business, here are some of the tips our Fort Lauderdale lawn service team has gathered to help you have a green, healthy lawn in your home. Here is what you need to do:

Fort Lauderdale lawn service

Aerate Your Lawn

The lawns id the largest area of your landscaping that is highly used, especially if you have kids and pets. This means that after some time, the soil in your lawn gets compacted. Aside from being a busy area, mowing your lawn also makes the soil compact. Compacted soil has problems when it comes to aeration, nutrient absorption, and water drainage. Furthermore, compacted soil reduces the presence and performance of useful soil organisms like earthworms. If you want to have a greener and healthier lawn, you need to aerate your lawn.

Our Fort Lauderdale lawn service team aerates the lawns by punching holes of about 3 inches deep throughout the lawn. This way your lawn will have better air circulation giving your grass better conditions to grow in.  Additionally, micro-organisms will be able to establish in your soil much better helping in breaking down any thatch build up. You should do lawn aeration at least once every year.

Irrigate Your Lawn Deeply

It doesn’t help much when you turn your sprinkler on for only a few minutes a few times a year. For a lawn that is healthy, you need to water your lawn deeply and do it less often. With deep irrigation, you roots will grow deeper into the ground helping your grass to stay green even in extreme hot weather and droughts. Our Fort Lauderdale lawn service experts recommend that you water your grass with 1 inch water once every week. However, the amount varies depending on the weather, grass species and soil type. Therefore, you need the help of a Fort Lauderdale lawn service professional who understands the locality well to offer the best lawn irrigation service.

Use Organic And Natural Lawn Fertilizers

Natural fertilizers are better than synthetic lawn fertilizers; they are good for your grass, the environment, and they give the best results. Synthetic fertilizers destroy the soil content and they also distract the functioning of the microorganisms that are found in the soil. Natural fertilizers are also healthier for your family and the environment. We know of a number of natural lawn fertilizers that we use to fertilize our clients’ lawns.

Cut Your Grass The Right Way To The Recommended Height

Simply setting your lawnmower to the highest setting or the lowest is not the best thing to do to your grass. Different grass species need to be cut to different heights. When you request a professional Fort Lauderdale lawn service from us, you are guaranteed the best grass cutting style and height that suits the type of your grass. Leave all these details to us and we’ll make sure everything is done right every time.

With these three steps, you green, healthy lawn will be turning heads of your neighbors and passersby. Don’t hesitate to recommend us when someone comes asking!